What You Need to Know for Mixing Suit Separates with Casual Wear

It’s not just women who want to look good; men want to know they look great, too. There is no hotter style right now in men’s fashion than wearing suit separates as casual wear. Whether you’re wearing a suit blazer on top of a pair of jeans or a gorgeous pair of slacks with a casual t-shirt, it’s easy to mix and match these pieces to create a look uniquely your own. However, it can also be difficult to match pieces of clothing correctly to achieve a truly casual, laid back look. If you overdo the suit part of your outfit, you’re going to come across as being too formal or awkwardly dressed. This article will explain what you need to know for mixing suit separates with casual wear.

Why Mix Suit Separates?

Mixing suit separates gives you a relaxed appearance that is a lot less stuck-up than wearing a full suit alone. There are many situations when you need to be well-dressed but shouldn’t be wearing a suit. Suits are great for weddings and formal gatherings, but they’re too much for other situations like job interviews, dates and your everyday trip to the grocery store. When you blend suit pieces with your everyday casual wear, you’ll still look suave and formal without your image being too stuffy.

Creating a Casual Look

The best way to incorporate suit separates into your casual attire is to start with a blazer. Ditch the white suit shirt and tie and go for a muted dress shirt that has two or three buttons undone at the top. Let the collar be loose and put a suit blazer on top of that shirt. You can pair this look with a pair of dark-colored jeans to achieve a formal, yet casual appearance. Try not to pair your suit blazer top with a pair of light acid-washed jeans because both pieces won’t match. You still need to keep your look professional, and the best way to accomplish this while wearing jeans is to go with a darker color.

If you’d rather forgo the blazer altogether, you can pair a suit shirt with a pair of sleek slacks and a great set of dress shoes. To keep your look as casual and laid back as possible, don’t wear a tie. When you wear a tie with any suit piece, you’re elevating your look, which can be detrimental to the impression you’re trying to give. Wearing a tie is great for more formal events that call for it, but everyday work and play doesn’t require you to wear a tie all the time.

Knowing When and Where to Wear Suit Separates as Casual Wear

There are a variety of scenarios when suit separates look great matched with casual wear. One example would be if you were to go on a date with someone. Let’s face it, if you show up on the date in a full-on suit complete with tie, you’re going to scare the other person away pretty quickly. You need to have a relaxed air about you to complete your whole look. If you’re going on a job interview, suit separates tone down a stuffy look but still give a highly professional feel. With an interview, instead of wearing jeans, wear a pair of suit slacks with an open dress shirt in a bright color. When you dress well and know you look good, it’s easy to feel confident about your outfit. You should buy all of your pieces from a quality suit shop, like Tailors Keep. Suits aren’t just for those highly formal events, since you can mix and match separates to create a totally different image.

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