Tips to be a Good-looking Leather Guy

Men, looking cool and good-looking in leather does not have to be so difficult anymore!

With websites like, being stylish with leather stuff be laidback yet classy. Whether you have never been comfortable with leather fashion styles, or you are into leather crafts like leather journal, leather notebook, or fashion items like leather wallet, card case, passport covers and other grooming accessories, there is certainly a leather stuff that fits your personality.

Without further ado, here are some tips to be that good-looking leather guy.

  1. Wear your attitude

Get straight to the attitude that you wanted to show off: masculine and exuding with self-confidence. Understand that before you even think about your personal style in grooming, your overall appearance relies on your attitude. Think about how you wanted to be seen by people and dress according to that impression.

Not only will dressing with confidence help you in earning engagement points with ladies, but wearing your attitude will define the personality that you wanted to be known and remembered for.

  1. Define your style and image

The next important thing to wearing your attitude is to define specifically the style and image that you wanted to carry. If you are not even sure about what styles are out there, try looking into the internet on how some popular men dress up. You will see that by just observing and following these celebrities. The way they present themselves physically will develop your appreciation and sense for defining your own style that perfectly fits your personality.

Style and image is a highly subjective concept and it depends on your perception of yourself and the environment you will walk in. It is certainly hard to admit, but books are mostly always judged by their covers – and so are men like you. So define your style and image properly.

  1. Nothing goes wrong with leather shoes

If you are unaccustomed to using leather shoes before, you have to remember that you’ll rarely go wrong with style when you wear leather shoes. Leather shoes fit almost all casual and formal fashion styles. Likewise, leather shoes can add to the onlookers’ perception that your net worth is good as well as your career and social standing.

To reiterate, leather shoes such as those found in works for virtually all occasions and seasons. Fashion trends come and go, but leather shoes will never go out of style. So invest in even a single pair of quality leather shoes.

  1. Replace hoodies with leather jackets

Just like shoes, men are typically judged by the way they carry themselves with overalls, pullovers, hoodies, or jackets. To achieve a very definitive good-looking leather style, you should have at least a leather jacket. Leather jackets will certainly blend well with any kind of casual and formal undershirts or polos.

Wearing leather jackets do not have to look trying too hard as long as you find the right leather jacket to suit your style and personality. Keep your leather jackets as a “statement” item of who you are as a man, and let your confidence exude that message to the people around you. Likewise, leather jackets perfectly match with sunglasses or shades.

  1. Quality before quantity

See, the key to looking good in leather fashion is to emphasize quality over quantity. Looking good in a classic leather fashion style is not about wearing everything leather in one fitting. Learn to mix and match clothing pieces with your leather outfits.

  1. Go for classic leather colors

The tip here is to stay classic at all times, at all occasions. Do not be swayed by the quirky quirks of fashion trends and try to fit in almost all of them. Remember that trends change, and you cannot afford to follow the fad all the time. A very important tip is to stick with classic leather colors such as black, brown, white, khaki, and navy blue. These colors are neutral and will accentuate the masculine statement of your style. Neutral colors are classic colors that are not exaggerated and too overwhelming. As such, they are not hard to mix and match with other items.

Appreciate that grooming as a good-looking leather guy is a skill you have to develop. Start from small leather pieces like leather watchband, accessories, men’s wallet, and front pocket wallets. Then, invest in leather shoes and leather jackets. Sooner, you will realize that you have actually become a walking fashion statement of a timeless, good-looking leather guy that ladies should watch out for.


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