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Things to Consider while Choosing Musical Instruments for Your Child

Encouraging your child to play a musical instrument can have plenty of benefits for your child. There would be hardly any child in the world who is not appealed by music. Children love some or the other type of sound. They love talking, shouting, various sounds of things around them and more. Naturally, the melody created by music is a great topic of interest for them.

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In such a condition, if you make them learn playing a musical instrument, they can pick it up quickly and their brain power can get a positive direction to express themselves as well as have fun.

Music benefits children in so many other ways – it improves their capability to listen and focus, promotes self-expression and helps in their overall growth as a better person.

While encouraging your child to learn to play a musical instrument, you should first consider those which are ideal to start with. This largely depends on their age and length of their fingers. The other factor you should consider is of course your child’s interest. Try to remember if they have shown interest in a particular instrument.

Types of Baby Musical Instruments

Before heading to shopping a musical instrument for your kid, it may be helpful for you to know what types of baby musical instruments are available. There are certain groups of musical instruments, like:

  • Keyboards: Organ, Piano, Synthesiser, Electric Piano
  • Woodwinds: Saxophone, Oboe, Flute, Clarinet, Bassoon
  • Strings: Violin, Cello, Viola, Double Bass
  • Fretted Strings: Guitar (Classical, Acoustic, Electric), Bass, Fretless Bass, 5-string Bass
  • Percussion: Conga Drums, Drum Kit, Other Hand Drums, Cowbell, Tambourine, Shakers
  • Brass: Trombone, Trumpet, Tuba, French Horn

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Styles of Music

While considering the different types of musical instruments, it’s also important to know and consider the various styles of music and know which of them is the favourite of your child. Some baby musical instruments are recognised for a particular style of music; however, any style of music can be played on any instrument barring percussion. Here are some common associations:

  • Acoustic Guitar: World Music, Folk, Country, Jazz, Blues
  • Electric Guitar: Pop, Rock, Jazz, Blues
  • Keyboards: This is the versatile type of instrument and generally associated to all types of music. To start with piano is great for technique, but electric keyboards feature an array of sounds that students can switch between.
  • Cornets and Trumpets: Rock, Jazz, Gospel, Soul, Classical and Funk
  • Woodwind: Jazz, Pop, Classical, Gospel, Folk, Blues, Funk

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Tips for a Child’s First Instrument

If your kid has shown no specific preference, the first musical instrument you should give your kid at the age of 7 to 10 is the keyboard, because it is the most versatile instrument of all. But this is not the only choice you have. If your kid expresses an enticement towards a different set of instruments, here are some recommendations.

  • Guitar for 8 to 10 years of age
  • Violin can be another option for younger students, but other string instruments like bass or cello are not since kids’ hands are not big enough to handle the mechanics of these instruments
  • The easiest among woodwinds is clarinet, followed by alto saxophone. Again it’s recommended that children should learn this instrument at around 8 to 10 years of age
  • A cornet or trumpet (a same instrument that has different shapes) can be the best brass instruments for new students at about 10 years of age
  • Drums should be avoided till kids are 10 to 12 years old, since they involve feet along with hands and legs of younger children haven’t grown enough to make drums a feasible possibility.

Choosing a musical instrument for your child depends a lot on the length of your child’s hands, arms and fingers. For example, a child with shorter fingers and arms will find playing bass or a “jumbo” acoustic guitar difficult due to the stretch required. Take help of the best seller baby musical instruments at Tiny Tiny Shop Shop and you will find just the right instrument for your kid.

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