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The process of smoking a bong

If you are smoking a bong for the very first time, then it can be a lot more confusing. But, it gets easier once you know how to use it. Before you smoke anything from the bongs, you have to fill it with water and put the things into the bowl. Then you have to light up the bowl, and the smoke chamber gets filled up with smoke. After that, you have to inhale. When you start it out, it begins slowly until you become comfortable with it.

Firstly, you have to prepare it by filling it with water directly through the mouthpiece according to the bong’s size. Grind the cannabis into small pieces and put them inside the bowl. Do not pack them very tightly because air shall not pass through it. Do not pack more than half of the bowl if you are smoking alone. When smoking along with friends, pack the bowl to the rim. After this, light up the pipe and inhale the smoke.

History of the bongs

A water pipe or a bong is ancient. It is as old as the pyramids or maybe even older. It has been used throughout Asia and appears widely in other parts of the world such as Africa. A nomadic tribe was known as the Scythians that ranged from Asia to Europe utilized it for smoking marijuana. It seemed to be the derivate of hookahs. Hookahs are generally immobile, and these pipes have a hose between the pipe and the mouthpiece. Multiple people can smoke through them. Since the advent of a bong, it has become immensely popular, and it is available in different designs and styles to meet the need of every customer.

Anatomy of a bong

There are various parts of a bong. Bowl is one part where the loading of the dried flower is done, and after that, it is combusted. At times, this can be removed too. Carb hole is a little or a small hole, which allows any user to clear the smoke that comes out from the chamber of the water pipe. Most of the glass bongs have a slide carb or a pull. When the bowl gets removed, it gets exposed. Downstem makes the smoke travel from bowl to base. After that, it allows percolation of smoke via water. The base is the bottom part. It can be different shapes. The tube is the chamber which is smoke-filled after going through water filtration.

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