The Basics of Natural Hair Removal Treatments

The modern market has several hair removal techniques. The only challenge is to identify the one that is safe for your skin. Most people who use products that have chemical components complain of skin irritation and redness. No wonder some individuals now prefer to use hair removal products that come from natural substances. However, you cannot be 100 percent sure that the product you are using has no chemical elements unless you are using home-made solutions.

Waxing is among the most convenient and simple ways of removing unwanted hair. Even though waxing may be painful, the results are desirable as it will take an extended period for the hair to grow back. You can use the natural substances that are in your home to make your wax solution. Take a quarter cup of water, two cups of sugar, and a quarter cup of lemon juice to make your hair removal wax. Use a low flame to hit this mixture and continue stirring until it turns into a thick brown liquid which is the wax.  Allow the solution to cool to a comfortable temperature before you apply it on the area that has unwanted hair. Place a waxing strip or cold cloth over the wax. Allow it to cool down completely before you pull the piece of fabric in a direction that is opposite to that in which your hair is growing. You will be able to remove the unwanted hair from the roots. Apply astringent and ice to the waxed region to tighten the pores. Most professionals like use this procedure to produce excellent results.

Sugaring is among the ancient methods of hair removal. However, most people prefer sugaring, and it is coming back to fashion. You can do it from the comfort of your home by mixing one cup of sugar with a half a lemon juice, cornstarch, molasses, and one bowl of honey. Mix molasses, sugar, honey, and, lemon and retain the mixture in a microwave for 2 to 4 minutes or till you can get a smooth consistency. You can also use a low flame to heat the mixture. Apply corn starch on the area you want to wax before applying the mixture to it. You will be able to remove the hair in a very smooth manner. Just place waxing strips or a piece of cloth over the area and wait for it to cool down before pulling it out.

The other natural hair removal techniques are threading and tweezing. Tweezing is ideal for removing facial hair. This process is slow because you have to use tweezers to pull out each hair. This treatment also comes with a high level of pain. You can use tweezing to work on bushy eyebrows and may achieve permanent results if you repeat it over an extended period. You can use threading to remove unwanted hair from any part of the body. However, most people apply this procedure on the eyebrows, chin, and upper lips. Threading can still be useful to any body part that has a patch of hair. The method requires a lot of detail and attention especially if you have sensitive skin. You can use pumice stones to remove unwanted hair except for the facial hair.

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