Style Elements Of Motorcycle Leather Vests

If you thought that the only upper body accessory for a motorcyclist could be a jacket, think again. A fitted and body hugging vest not only looks smarter, but also has protective functions to offer. From the fashion point of view, it is a versatile gear as compared to heavy jackets that can be only worn during cold or inclement conditions.

Design features of motorcycle vests

The design features of a motorcycle vest can vary, but there would be certain characteristic features no matter which brand or design you are looking at:

  • Motorcycle vests come with a round or v neck and not a collared neckline.
  • They are sleeveless with a fitted design, akin to waist coat length or shorter.
  • Popular materials for motorcycle vests are denim and leather.
  • Pockets are common in motorcycle vests to increase functionality of such attire.

Functional design elements

The above points highlight the common design elements to be found in denim or leather vests for motorcyclists. Based on the common design elements there are variations of designs that you can explore in the motorcycle vests offered by different brands. For instance, many features hand warmer pockets on the side as well as chest pockets as well. Premier motorcycle leather vests come with a satin lining that ensure comfort and insulation as well. Many motorcycle leather vests come with inside gun pockets that are designed to carry heavy weight firearms or other valuables.  With inside pockets and outer pockets of different designs, you have several vest designs to choose from.

Accessorized vests

Motorcycle leather or denim vests are seldom plain. If you are looking at accessorized designs, there are varieties to look at. Most have interesting buckle like straps on the sides to offer a ventilated design. Others have decorative straps and buckles on the side that add a distinct look to the vest design. In case of denim vests zips and buttons are the main accessory elements.

How to choose?

There are certain points to consider when you plan to purchase Leather Motorcycle Vests such as:

  • Neckline design of the vests.
  • The fit of the vest, whether you want a loose fit or a tailored fit.
  • Accessories and other design as well as functional elements like pockets.
  • Thickness of the material as per your purpose of wearing it.

The above points will help you choose the right motorcycle vest as per your biking style and weather conditions. If you ride in moderate climate mostly, a vest would be an outer garment that you would wear mostly. It will also act as a protective cover or an inner garment to an outer jacket. This comes of use when riding in cold or inclement conditions.

Choosing a motorcycle vest is not only about the style or brand, you wish to flaunt but also the functional aspects that it provides. Not only does it acts as a protection for your upper body but also provides helpful pockets to slip in your wallet and phone or other valuables to keep them secure.

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