The Italians call it the “backed earth”, the Latin version of terra cotta. It is a type of earthenware, which is a clay-based unglazed or glazed ceramic where the fired body is porous. It is a term used for sculptures made in earthenware.

The terracotta is not just used to refer sculptures, flower pots but also are used to create paintings and also jewellery. The jewelleries which are crafted from the clay have just not become the most popular jewellery but are also the oldest form of handmade creation.


The creation and use of terracotta jewellery can be seen in the history during the age of Harappa Civilization in Mohenjo-Daro. The people made pots, utensils, sculptures and even jewellery out of this beautiful clay.

Today, the red hard ceramic clay is used to make variants of ornaments such as earrings, bangles, necklace, ear studs, pendants, bracelets and several other terracotta figurines. The jewellery made out of the terracotta clay makes it a unique dressing style when paired with traditional wear or conventional casual dresses.

There are different styles and designs based on different cultures and societies which make every piece beautiful and unique. They are more popular among the fashion forward girls because of their ethnic style and excellent beautiful hues.

Indian designers make the terracotta jewellery more popular by giving it a modern twist, which carries the new modern designs and can be worn with office attire, to casual meetings and also in any auspicious occasion.

Just not only this, the terracotta jewellery gives you a thousand more reasons to fall in love with them. Some of the advantages of having terracotta jewellery are:

  • These jewellery are easily available everywhere. You can find it in local market or any handicraft fair and there are also various terracotta jewellery online store offering more choices.
  • It doesn’t just come in multiple colours but its flexibility offers diverse fittings and is also low in cost.
  • It is the best choice of the users who love nature as it is eco-friendly.
  • This handmade jewellery is not only light weight but also embedded with attractive as well as decent colours.
  • The terracotta jewellery comes in different formats like chokers, Hoops, Arm Ornaments, Danglers. Necklace and also Jhumkas. You can find wide variety of these jewellery in any Indian handicrafts online

Not only class, terracotta jewellery also sees tradition and culture all blend in single beautiful and stunning pieces of jewellery. They are cheap and yet very costly looking jewellery that will definitely make the wearer a show stunner.

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