Perfect gel nails at home

If you are looking for a way to innovate in your manicure and present a very special aspect, one of the techniques with more followers in the current one is to paint gel nails. It’s a trend that more and more women around the world are following. There are specialized centres where they make them but, following these steps, you can make gel nails with professional results. Did you know that you can learn to paint gel nails in your own home and achieve incredible results? Follow the steps below and you will discover how easy it is to get gel nails at home.

After the natural manicure, learning how to make gel nails is the preferred option for those who love to show off well-groomed and perfect hands. And is that no one can deny that they are ideal regardless of the design they have, they are comfortable and cheaper than other options.Even so, several girls cannot afford to go frequently to aesthetic centres to be made but through you can learn how to do the Gel Nails at home!

Well, if you are one of them you have to know that there is a simpler and safer option with which you can make your own gel nails at home, which can last for weeks and look great.Let’s see how to do the Gel Nails.

How to make gel nails at home

To make your nails you need some basic materials:

  • Alcohol and cotton
  • Cuticle stick
  • A base gel polish to prepare nails
  • A coloured gel glaze
  • A polish for use on gel enamels
  • UV lamp


  • The lamp and enamels of this type you can get in establishments that specialize in manicure.
  • The first step is to push your cuticles gently downwards, using the toothpick.
  • Then, wet a cotton ball with alcohol and rub your nails to clean and disinfect them properly.
  • Once they are completely clean, spread the first layer of gel on them using the base enamel.
  • Turn on the UV lamp and place your nails inside to dry. This may take around two minutes.
  • With the first layer of dry gel, apply another one with the coloured enamel and use the lamp again to dry it too.
  • Place the second layer of coloured gel and follow the previous procedure to harden it.
  • Finish by applying a layer of polishing gel to seal the colour and dry it once more with UV rays.
  • Finally, when your nails are ready, you just have to go back to a cotton swab with alcohol to remove any residue of enamel from your fingers.
  • This is an easier way to get a nice gel manicure on your own and in the long run, it is cheaper than paying someone.
  • Once you have your base colour, you can decorate your nails with all kinds of accessories such as glitter or small figures, which go before the last layer of brightness. Decorations like fancy stones or similar can be applied perfectly at the end of everything, simply with a little bit of glue.

What do you think about this method on how to make gel nails? Are you going to try these from the ?

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