Male Lingerie: Just for Gay Men?

Alexander McQueen, Gianni Versace, and Yves Saint Laurent are just some all of the most famous names in fashion. They also happen to be gay men. Gay men are not always fashion pioneers or even terribly interested in what they wear. Some would resent the stereotype. Still, you can’t deny that gay males have a firm foothold in the fashion industry. When it comes to male lingerie, a growing trend, the assumption is that sexy undies could never appeal to men who are straight, but is male lingerie just for gay men? Erotic undergarments are becoming more and more popular with straight guys who once only wore the most standard boxers and briefs. Read on to find out why straight guys will play a major role in the male lingerie market becoming the next major trend.

Women love them

You’d think that women would find their boyfriends effeminate in satin or lace underwear, but the fact is that many love the contrast between strength and delicacy that male lingerie offers. Women can’t keep their hands off the smooth and silky material against their boyfriend’s hard bodies. Who needs toys? A boyfriend in naughty briefs inspires totally new adventures in the bedroom. Men enjoying the wider range of choices they have in underwear, revel in the opportunity to break away from the tried and true. It’s as if once they have on a pair of tactile skimpy drawers, they can explore new sides of themselves. No one could deny that the sight of a man in hot lingerie amplifies his lover’s affections in the bedroom.

The stats

Data from Persistence Market shows that a growth rate of 5.1% between 2015 and 2021 is expected for men’s lingerie. To put that number in context, women’s lingerie is expected to expand by 5.4%. That’s right. Men’s lingerie is not far behind women’s in forecasted sales. All kinds of sexy thongs and briefs for men are about to be available at the same stores as women’s.

Straight men are more image conscious than ever before

Metro sexuality seemed like a flash in the pan identity that would pass the way all trends do. If it’s just a fad, however, it’s one that’s not going anywhere soon, yet heterosexual males continue to get mannies and peddies. It turns out they enjoy getting pampered too because it’s commonplace to see them with eyebrows and chests waxed. They’re light years beyond just having a bottle of aftershave next to a razor on the sink. Hetero men moisturize now. They also spend more time in the mirror than their fathers ever did. Of course, their fathers didn’t devote their free time to grunting on gym machines trying to get ripped, so there’s no way their fathers looked half as good. 

It would be an understatement to say that we live in a time when gender roles are completely bending. Male underwear now even includes brassieres. It’s all about exploring fantasies once your clothes come off. Women have always put on skimpy panties and bras to seduce partners. Now men are trading their old boxers and trunks for erotic undergarments such as spandex jock straps and mesh briefs. They’ll spend 11 billion dollars on them at sites like Differio, in fact, by 2020.

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