Ingredients that Stimulate Weight Loss

The metabolism is the body’s process of breaking down food and converting it into energy. This complex biochemical procedure involves a combination of calories in nutrients and oxygen, and its speed depends on several factors including age, gender, height, weight, body fat, muscle composition, genetics, life-style, hours of sleep, and hydration level, among others. However, what people eat also plays a role. For example, foods with the same caloric value can produce differing effects. Diets rich in certain types of fats and calories can help burn more calories than those with lower fat and calorie content. Certain ingredients have the same properties. Here are a few ingredients that can stimulate weight loss.

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This food is rich in nutrients, including sulfur, and helps produce the amino acids needed for the body’s development of muscle fibers. Furthermore, garlic produces body heat, which is a prime indicator that the metabolism is active.


Pepper, chili, Tabasco, and others all produce spice which consequently raises body temperature and helps burn calories. Ingredients derived from peppers contain capsaicin, which is a special substance that promotes the burning of fat because of its caloric properties. Adding a touch of natural spices to meals can be a great way to help the body shed some pounds.


This item is low in calories and is a diuretic because of its high fiber and potassium content. These properties help eliminate liquids and can also activate the metabolism. Adding celery to soups or salads is a great way to promote weight loss.


With hundreds of different strains in the world and the nutritional benefits, algae has the potential to be the food of the future. This dietary element is rich in nutrients that help reduce cholesterol and avoid constipation. Algae is also a great source of iron, calcium, phosphorus, and vitamins and has high quantities of chlorophyll that activate enzymes in charge of energy and amino acid production that help develop muscle fibers. Adding to the vast list of properties, the food also contains alginic acid that helps the body eliminate heavy metals including mercury and lead.


Oregano, parsley, sage, basil, thyme, rosemary, and others are rich in vitamin C, melatonin, and essential oils that have a stimulating effect on the metabolism. Their digestive properties are the reason that these plants are known as aromatic herbs. These avoid the formation of gases and can modulate the appetite. In the kitchen, people can use them as dressing and as additives to fish, meats, soups, eggs, and other meals. Some dietary and nutritional supplements contain similar elements such as black cumin seed oil that also helps promote nutrition and weight loss.


Although it seems too good to be true, chocolate’s high content of fat and calories also activates the metabolism. The seed has a high content of fiber, magnesium, and energy-activating substances that are similar to caffeine. The bitter and purer forms of chocolate are healthier. However, limit the intake to no more than three ounces daily.

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These vegetables are rich in fiber and inulin. This food is especially important for weight loss because it helps reduce the presence of the hunger hormone. Artichokes also help cleanse the liver and keep the metabolism active, helping the body to burn more calories.


The food source is a vegetable with a low-calorie content but a high level of potassium. It acts as a diuretic and contains iodine, which helps accelerate the combustion of fatty tissue.


This Asian root has a spicy and acidic flavor that can increase the speed of metabolism by up to five percent. An excellent weight loss recipe is sure to include ginger.


This is a plant that has 65 different species across different continents. Although dietary supplements received a lot of bad press when the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) banned its use in diet pills, the form and use have changed where the plant is no longer unsafe for human consumption. The ingredients in ephedra help boost the body’s metabolism and promote weight loss.

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