How to Minimize Pain During Waxing

You may have heard some people saying that waxing is extremely painful. This argument is not valid because it all depends on your level of preparedness. There is some pain that comes with waxing, but an experienced service like knows how to take this pain to the lower side. This article will help you to sustain very little pain during the waxing session. You don’t have to feel as if you will walk out of the treatment when it is halfway.  I have come across people who went for waxing once, and that was all. Read this article, and you will begin to long for your next waxing appointment. You cannot compare the pain you get to the comfort that comes with a hair-free skin.

The first tip is to know the right time to go for waxing. As a woman, your skin tends to be more sensitive three days to and after your periods. You may go through a lot of pain if you decide to do the waxing at this point. Common sense will tell you to go for waxing outside these timelines. Also, if you have some rashes on the skin, give it time to heal before you do the waxing. You don’t want to leave open rushes on the skin that is already suffering. People who have diabetes should also wait for the condition to cool down before they can wax. Also, if you had a butt treatment, wait for it to heal before you can do the waxing. Its just good to make sure that the skin is in an excellent health condition before you expose it to waxing.

You may also take some painkillers beforehand. It is advisable for anyone who has a low tolerance for pain to take some pain relievers about 30 minutes before the session. These tablets will significantly reduce the level of discomfort and pain. For instance, the skin of a person who is taking Accutane is highly sensitive to pain. Also, anyone using exfoliating products such as scrubs or any other product that has ingredients such as alpha hydroxy acids or retinol should stop their consumption about one week before the appointment to avoid increasing the sensitivity of the skin.

It’s good to remember that the waxer will pluck out any hair that remains. It’s a common occurrence that the wax does not remove all the hair and we always have some leftovers. One of the reasons is that these hairs are still too short for the wax to grab them. The waxer is forced to pull them off even without your consent. It can be stinging especially when the waxer begins to tweeze the hairs on the inner labia. You can go ahead and ask the waxing professional whether she will be plucking out the remaining hair strands so that you can prepare psychologically. You have a choice to tell her not to tweeze then so that she will remove them during the next waxing session once they grow. The most important thing is to manage the pain so that it is not so painful.

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