How to Make Photographers Love You

Working with team mates is important in any walk of life. The most important person on your team, as a model, apart from your agent is the photographer on the shoot. If you have just been booked for a photo shoot gig, you do want to make sure that you will do it right. Having patience is the most important thing, but here are some more tips that will make it easier for you to work with photographers and get the shots you want.

Avoid wearing tight clothes

This is especially true if the shoot will expect you to reveal any skin. Tight clothes are only likely to end up leaving an impression on your skin and that is only going o take a long time to retouch. If you think those tight skinny jeans are a good idea, think again. Your photographer would likely love you more if you will show up in your yoga pants. They are loose and they definitely do not leave any skin imprints.

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Know who you’re shooting with

You would at least want to know who the person is that will be doing the shoot. Talk to your booker to gather more information about the photographer. If possible, find out some of their previous works. If they have a website, take the time to read their bio. You will feel safer and more aware as a model when you have an inkling of who the man is behind the lens. It is also a good way to show respect to the photographer that will be shooting you.

A little imagination helps

There are photographers that would prefer models that will be like a canvas that they can then mould depending on their vision. However, a little imagination is going to be helpful too. If you have a photographer that want you to just do your thing, make sure that you do. Make movements. Model poses can easily get boring. So, try and bring some creativity to the table.

Avoid posting raw images

Most photographers might send you previews of the images that they have taken. However, avoid posting them unless you have secured permission to do so. Most of the time, these images are just between the model and the photographer. This is because these images usually are still in their unfinished state and are usually not intended for the public to see. Besides, it might likely end up jeopardising future publication of such images.

Be punctual and polite

Always try to show up on time. Make an effort to be there on the call time or at least close to it. It is always considered a sign of professionalism when you make the effort to get there on time. In the event that you cannot really be there on time, a message or a call telling the photographer about what is going on is not a bad idea either.

Photo shoots are vital parts of every model’s job. It helps to know what you should and should not do every time. Learn more helpful modelling tips online on modelling agency websites and magazines.

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