How To Get A Fabulous gift for employee On A Tight Budget

The tradition of exchanging or giving gifts rests on the belief that it increases the love, bonding, affection and appreciation; and that it conveys the person’s respect, good wishes, blessings, love and appreciation for their dear ones through gifts. Be it a festival or any important occasion, gift symbolises one’s prayers to the almighty for the prosperity and wellbeing of the recipient.

As a mode of expressing gratitude towards their employees and to also keep pace with the changing corporate culture, corporates today are seeing a trend of wishing their employees with Corporate gift items, that are specially designed for the corporate sector. Selecting the right gift for employees can be a challenging job, and to overcome the challenges, companies will need to find the best ways for buying corporate gifts.

With huge cost cutting drives happening across all sectors, the HR & procurement teams are working on a shoe-string budget. There would always be a tussle between price, quality & uniqueness of the gift.

In such a scenario where should the corporates look.

Options for sourcing budget friendly gifts:

  1. Manufacturers – if the quantity is huge, it makes sense in approaching the manufacturer directly. It cuts down on all middlemen costing, while giving a power to negotiate. While smaller establishments or entrepreneurs may be willing to supply even if your order quantity is smaller. It’s no harm, in approaching them with adequate lead time to know their minimum order quantity.

Manufacturers can be identified by doing simple search for example, if you are based out of Delhi and you would like to reach out to local Delhi vendors, you can search Corporate gifts Delhi through search engines and online business listings/directories.

  1. Wholesale Markets – Come Festive time the, wholesale market is all geared up to supply gifts. Keeping an adequate lead time (sometimes even more than a month, if something that you have in mind has to be imported) helps when pre-ordering your requirement. When ordering for big quantities there is a scope for bargaining in the wholesale market too. Every city has a specific area marked for the wholesale market. The wholesale markets in Mumbai & Delhi usually offer better options both product and price wise.
  2. Handicrafts / Hand crafted products – handicrafts become unique gifts while also encouraging artisans. Lot of artisans are available online and lot of them are doing business online. You could utilise their skills to have a unique and customised Corporate gift.
  3. Wholesale concept stores too offer good deals on the products, especially those that are bought in bulk quantity. In some stores a relationship manager would be assigned to you on request to help you with your specific requirements.

Once purchased proper presentation of the gift for employee is also important.  Using in house resource for packaging, asking them to be packed at source or outsourcing for professional packing would be the options depending on the budget, time & resource constraints.

In a nutshell understanding your requirements and planning ahead helps in getting a fabulous Gift for your employee on a tight budget

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