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How Much Do You Know About These Pens?

Ever notice someone using a pen that almost has your attention instantly! Notice how elegantly it fits in theirhands and flows with their rhythm!! A common item suchas a pen suddenly becomesan apparel that attracts attention for its elegance and since the notice of such subtle sophistication, pen craftsmanship has increased and the technology behind it has improved tremendously. Be it luxury pens like Parker pens, the simple yet graceful Cross pens or the iconic Sheaffer pen has gained significant credibilityas powerful writing instruments and this has managed to remain a trend that hasn’t faded with time. Today one can buy pens online of reputed brands as the global market has come closer and one scan have the mark of sophistication associated with one’s personality without much difficulty.

Many of the top brands had been in business for a very long time and even today peoplewidely acknowledgeand recognize the value of workmanship put in to making such good quality pens. Some of thesepens have become collectibles, others where christened greatness by famous personalities and some has managed to be an eye candy for the elite.For example, John F. Kennedy used to sign legislations with Parker pens or give away as gifts.

Historical Significance

Speaking of historical significances, India too has a great deal to demonstrate when it comes to pens. Ratnam Pens or ‘swadeshi pens’ as it was called once due to its iconic association with the Indian Freedom Movement is one of the most revered Indian brand of pens. The story goes that Mr. K.V. Ratnam, a well-known personality belonging to a family of goldsmiths involved in works of lithography, met Mahatma Gandhi in 1921 and was advised to create something useful and inexpensive for the masses. Since lithography involved a complex and relatively expensive process, K.V. Ratnam went on to create beautiful pens which later gained importance and fancy of political leaders even after independence. It is said that K.V. Ratnam made a pen from ebonite and gifted it to Gandhi to express his support. One of the first pens from the Ratnam brigade, a sliver pen, was ordered by NyapatiSubba Rao Pantulu in 1932, one of the founders of the Indian daily newspaper – The Hindu. And the legacy still continued S.KasturirangaIyengar – another founder of The Hindu, Indian Prime minister – Indira Gandhi, Indian President –Dr. Rajendra Prasad and the list goes on.

So, is it merely a hype surroundingsome fancy penwith gold, silver or bronze nibs? Havebrands like Cross Pens and Sheaffer Pen just been around because some famous personality was attracted by the look? Or was there more to it?

Beginning with the obvious, crafting a pen’s nib in gold or silver would make it stand out but what’s important is to understand that the pen is an instrument of the modern era although it is a descendant of iterations that scribes used over the ages. Right from the piece of charcoal to the modern ball point tipped pens, technology had improved but pen makers have successfully engraved the emotion to inspire writing and radiate a persona of sophistication elegantly with such striking pieces of art. If we were to call out a scribe from the ancient era who dipped a wooden tip in ink to write on animal skin, today’s pen would not be less than poetry to him.

Now-a-days we can buy pens online from any corner of the world. Parker pens from the UK, Sheaffer pensand Cross pensfrom the US, Montblanc from Germany, Delta from Italy and so on; each brand has a unique history to them.

So, if you were to write something important, simply buy pens online of your choice ?

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