First Time Buyers- Things to Remember

Have you just passed your driving test and would like to Lease Ford cars? If so, congratulations are in order. Now that is over with, it’s time to start to search for your first car. Buying a first car is never an easy road to travel down, the sheer expense can make the purchase of any car, let alone your first car, a daunting and often overwhelming experience. Potentially the most important thing when buying a first car is ensuring that the vehicle is the right one for you. Buying the wrong one can quickly turn into a living nightmare, there are a number of factors must be taken into consideration when you are looking through the vast automobile market.

The first thing to be taken into consideration is your budget. Traditionally the budget for a first car is in the region one thousand to one-and-a-half thousand pounds, but that is really a rough estimate. Edmunds recommends models such as the 2017 hyundai elantra, VW Golf as the best buys available for this beginner price range. Most first time buyers opt for a used car; they are often a cheaper alternative to buying new from a dealership. If you are considering acquiring a used car, be aware of potential scams that sadly exist in the used car market. Always check the history of the car, you don’t want to be buying something which has had a past of criminality.

As a first time buyer, it is unlikely that you are lucky enough to afford paying in the one lump-sum, buying a car will nearly always require some kind of external financing. There are many options available to you when looking to secure car finance, the majority of banks, building societies, and car dealerships all offer a variety of financing options. However, a lot of these financing options require flawless credit history that is unfortunately an unrealistic expectation for a portion of us. Securing car finance can be a major hassle if you have a poor credit history, but there are car finance providers who offer financing plans for those who may have a bad credit history. If you are a teenager, you will probably not have any sort of financial history – in this instance you will have get someone who has a credit, salary and employment history to co-sign the agreement.

Unfortunately the costs don’t stop at buying the car, they will continue to stack up through the years. Insurance is one the highest costs associated with car ownership, new drivers are in particular subject to extortionately sky-high rates which can be incredibly off-putting. Researching the major insurance companies is the most effective way to get the best rate possible.

The costs of fuel and other general maintenance expenses can be just as daunting as your insurance rates. The cost of fuel in particular puts a severe dent in your wallet, hopefully your first car won’t be a gas-guzzling monster but the cost of filling up the tank will still be significant. Maintenance costs do not make reading any prettier, taking good care of your car should come as second nature but it is essential that you follow the maintenance schedule provided by the manufacturer.

Despite all the costs that comes with a car, the advantages far outweigh the drawbacks. Even if you are living in a city like New York, a car still provides you with a new sense of freedom and the chance to explore a whole new world while driving through the city streets. Most people remember their first cars with a fondness, even the awful ones. If you buy the right car though, it will grow into something you cherish forever.

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