Creating a Lightweight Winter Wardrobe

As the weather turns colder, many people think about revamping their wardrobe carefully in order to help prepare for the coming snow and ice. A series of well chosen pieces can help protect anyone from the colder weather and look fashionable at the same time. When looking for pieces to wear, it is often a good idea to keep many factors in mind. Such factors should be the kind of materials used as well as the color, style and how well each piece works with other items in their wardrobe. A few good pieces can work for much of the colder weather, allowing anyone to enjoy being outside and inside knowing they look good. When looking for items, it also helps to think about your existing cold weather wardrobe clothing.

Types of Material

Outerwear comes in many different types of material including leather, down and wool. In many cases, you can find items like coats and jackets that combine many varied materials. For example, you might see a jacket with an interior made of cotton and then filled with down. Many other types of coats are also offered as well that use standard winter materials like merino wool such as a merino wool jacket from It’s a good idea to have many kinds of outerwear items on hand during the winter. This way, you can dress for both colder and warmer weather. For example, it may be slightly cold one day and then much colder the next. No need to worry. Instead, grab a lightweight merino wool sweater the first and a heavier jacket on the second.

Fit and Style

Another consideration when thinking about the kind of winter wear that is right for any person is the fit and style. Winter is the time for layering clothing. This allows the wearer to shuck off pieces when it gets warmer and put them when they feel colder. A series of clothing items that work well and look good together is ideal. Look for pieces that are easy to put on and off as well. For example, a poncho or a wrap can be easily placed on other clothing and stored in a backpack when not needed. Versatility is one of the most important keys when creating a useful and effective winter wardrobe.

Creating a Whole Look

A winter look should, above all, be a whole look. This means one that works from head to toe in harmony. Look for a look that allows you to go from a cold morning to a warmer day to a colder evening. A hat that can be stored at your office is ideal along with boots that can be taken off at the office and substituted for high heels. Your clothing needs will vary with the seasons. You want to prepare for winter and use items that allow you to feel warm but still stylish. A well put together wardrobe full of useful winter items can do that.

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