Budget Tips For The Bridesmaids

It is a known fact that there will be a lot of expenses that you, as a bridesmaid, should cover, which is why you should know how to be smart about it. However, you should never look for cheap ones when talking about the bridesmaid dresses, because only high quality bridesmaid dresses in Adelaide can make your day better.

According to a study, the national cost of a wedding is usually about $32,641. The ones who have already been to a wedding before know that these costs can be even higher, and this usually all depends on the bride and the groom. However, what should you do if they are not able to pay for all of the expected expenses?

Say ‘No’

While, it might lead to a small awkward pause, if you explain yourself to the bride, it should be okay. The brides tend to ask their closest friends or family members to be their bridesmaid, which is why if you explain yourself properly, the chances are that your bride will understand you.

It is always better to politely refuse the offer of being a bridesmaid, than not being able to fulfill the bride’s dreams. A wedding ceremony is a special occasion, and it should only happen once, so instead of ruining it, you should simply refuse the offer in a polite manner.

However, if you are open with the bride and the groom, you three might find a compromise. The married couple-to-be might be able to pitch in for you, which is why the key to a great wedding is ‘communication’.

Do the math

If you have been saving up, and you think that you have enough but is still not sure, you should do your homework. Take a break from the usual daily routine, and make sure to sit down and write everything that you might have to chip in for. This way you will know from the start if you should decline the offer or not.

Keep in mind that the pre-wedding occasions are also something that should be organized and paid for by the bridesmaids. However, the other bridesmaids should chip in, and if there is a Maid of Honor, it is usually her duty to organize everything.

Cutting costs

Just because you do not have enough money in the exact moment when the question was asked, that does not mean that by the time of the wedding you can’t make it rain. Always make sure to tell the bride and the groom your current situation, and if you have any ideas how to make something cheaper with the same quality, do share them.

Play a different role

If you can’t see yourself being a bridesmaid for a number of reasons, you should just say no; but this does not mean that you can’t have an important role in their wedding as well. As it was mentioned earlier, communication is the key.

Final word

When your friend asks you to be the bridesmaid on her wedding, you are not obliged to take that responsibility. However, if you do accept the offer, make sure that everything goes perfectly. This also includes the dresses, which is why you should buy and choose the best formal dresses for women in a shop that sells only high quality clothes.

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