Bowties – Guides to Men Dress

Ties are considered an essential part of men’s fashion. As we know, the sequence of man’s clothing is underwear, shirts, pants, belts, socks, Glass bowties, shoes and suits. With this sequence, you can see that the loops are very important for the finishing touch. Following this order, recommendations are recommended for each step.

There are general rules for the whole set. The color of the suit is the main color, so shirts, ties, shoes and belts must match the color and usually should not exceed three colors. If the suits are made of cloth or striped shirts and tie must have scratches or checkered; If shirts are striped patterns or picture suits and ties should not have a similar pattern. The dark suit works with the light colored suit and light colored shirts with suits turn off. The dark complexion should avoid yellow and ensure that the color of the clothing accessories in harmony with the color of your hair and skin tone.

Few men do not have white shirts because white is the traditional color of the shirt. You can buy white shirts, or shirts in soft tone, such as ivory, gray or light blue, because light colored shirts are easier to match. Long sleeve shirts are more formal than short sleeves, never treat short sleeve shirts with combinations. Pressing is very important to make a shirt without folds before dressing. If you want a comfortable day, let a certain part of the neck. Men with a short neck should choose a low neck shirt and men with a long neck can choose a relatively high collar. Another trick is that light blue shirts are best for video recording. Keep this in mind when taking a photo or preparing for an interview.

Dark colored socks can match any color of clothing, unless you go with a light colored dress with some light socks. Even so, the color of the socks should be darker than the clothes. If you do not have sneakers, white socks may be unnecessary, especially not for leather shoes. The length socks should be long enough to cover the calf, not just the ankle. Black socks are preferred in exquisite fabrics rather than floral motifs.

Leather shoes with shoes are a choice and those who do not have formal shoe chain are suitable for jackets and casual. The black leather shoes can be customized with any colored dress for any occasion. Low-heeled shoes show more spiritual lords, but thick and rough heels can be worn if you want to be exaggerated by yourself. Keep your leather shoes clean and shiny before using.

As the minds of men, mere ties to the patterns of dark streaks are in high authority. The radius, dark mesh or geometric relationships are acceptable, but aircraft models, golf is not recommended for most occasions. If this is not a very complicated look, simple color shirt can go well with sophisticated color bows. Flower shirts are full of changes, so you need the simple ties to stand out. If the links are selected as too colorful, the focus is lost. The tie with a small dot pattern is a good choice for a checkered shirt. The striped shirt may have more options for Glass bowties such as taffeta, twill, small patterns with the same points of distribution or pencils. The similar trend to color matching is more popular in recent years that the color loop should be darker than the shirt. Get bowties now at

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