What Happens When you Use Pepper Spray on a Stalker?

Have you ever been caught in a situation of being kidnapped, molested or raped?

If you have been caught in such a situation, we are sad to hear that. However, if you have survived through such a situation, we want to know that you are an inspiration and your story deserves to be heard. We hope you get a platform to talk about your survival journey.

However, if you have been lucky enough to have never gone through such a situation, you might want to know what happens if you ever use pepper spray to fight a criminal. Whether you have purchased this product for your safety, yet, or not, it is important for you to know what happens when you use it on the target.

The moment you use pepper spray on someone, their mucous membranes are badly affected. Their eyes, nose, lungs as well as throat feel terrible. They go through a sickening burning sensation all over their face. The effects are terrible and most of the criminals can’t fight against them, unless they are trained to do so. Some trainers teach people to fight against all sorts of circumstances, even when they have been attacked by pepper sprays. It is difficult to fight against such people.

However, no matter how trained an individual is, he still has an unbearable burning sensation all over his face. Since he is unable to open his eyes for a few minutes, you get enough time to leave the place and run out of the dangerous situation you are in. The good news is that there are two kinds of pepper sprays:

  • One that work for at least fifteen minutes
  • One that work for forty minutes

Even if you get fifteen minutes in your hands, you can leave the place or at least call for some help. Also, the same pepper spray bottle can be used against ten to twelve targets. This means you can still get to a safe location, even if the entire mob surrounds you and you know your self-defense skills are not going to work.

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