Spring-break Jewellery Protection Advice – Wedding Ring Insurance and Engagement Ring Insurance Tips

The best part about spring and summer holidays is taking part in exciting outdoor activities. It seems like super fun, but what we may occasionally forget are the impacts they might have on our valuable items of jewellery. As a result, while you’re preparing your summer body for the months ahead, why not check out this useful FYI list of things to think about in regards to keeping your valuables safe and tips for purchasing Wedding Ring Insurance – Engagement Ring Insurance from respected brokers.

Working Out

If you’re the type of person who heads to a backyard boot camp or pumps iron in the fitness centre (great on you!) only have you thought about whether you need to be wearing your ring while carrying it out. The reason being that copper in certain jewellery materials responds to moisture as well as the elements. Therefore, it can increase the likelihood of tarnish for sterling silver.


There’s nothing better than a refreshing swim on a hot day, right? However, a cold pool or ocean might possess the effect of shrinking the muscles in your fingers. So just before you take a drop to cool down, be aware that this shrinking might make your ring slip off into the deep. No one wishes to play with Marco Polo with a valuable engagement ring that is sitting on the ocean floor.

Hanging In The Hot Tub

Okay, so technically not only a summer action, yet this is great info to know about hot tubs anyhow. Chlorine wreaks total havoc on metals as well as more so when it’s at a temperature that is higher. It might permanently damage or discolour gold, even white gold, and turn silver a light brown or black (curse that copper, again). Good news, for the wearers of Platinum, it’s quite invulnerable in this instance.

Slip, Slop, Sun Block.

While an exceptional thing to do for sunlight protection, lotion could get stuck beneath the prongs and in the tiny small crevices of a diamond ring; and after that, it’ll harden there, which makes it tough to clean. It might likewise make a film over rocks and metal making them appear dull and a bit less bling.

Green Fingers

Getting stuck into the garden might be quite healing and who doesn’t love wielding some of the hedge clippers? But little rocks and soil may be quite abrasive. Our guidance? Acquire some gloves, or take away the ring. It’s only safer.

Wedding Ring Insurance – Engagement Ring Insurance

So after you have taken all that it, the next detail is in Jewellery Insurance. Chelsea Insurance Brokers give a complete, but unobtrusive insurance service for discerning customers who would like to safeguard their assets and properties, however, do not have time or interest to search for suitable insurance companies and get estimates. Their products contain contents and house protection for properties that require a lot more than typical coverage, rather worldwide cover for Valuables and Collectables including marriage rings and watches. They are market insurance agents managing a small number of private customers who receive and expect the very best service quality. Contact Chelsea Insurance today and shield your assets and properties with an insurance company that is globally respected.

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