Safety Measures To be Taken To Reduce Waxing Pain

Waxing is painful because hair is removed from its roots. The pain can be unbearable in sensitive body parts like underarms, bikini area etc. However, waxing lasts longer than any other hair removal treatments like shaving, tweezing, or threading.

Generally, your hair start growing after 3 weeks because hair is removed from the roots. Waxing results are great, and leaves your skin soft and silky. Although this method is not permanent, it is a much better option compared to laser treatment, as the latter could result in ingrowths.

The pain or redness or itching after waxing eventually reduces over a period of time. Fortunately, some precaution will help you make the next appointment for waxing less awkward.

Safety measures to reduce waxing pain

Choose someone experienced

Hands with lots of experience, mean little or no pain. Professional aestheticians are well trained and know –

  • How much wax to use?
  • How to apply?
  • Ways to pull in the appropriate direction

In case, you are a DIY person, then proceed with caution, especially when working with hard wax, as it can be difficult when compared to soft wax. For professional help, you could visit and book an appointment right away.

Hard wax

Hard wax is used for sensitive areas.

Prepare your skin

Exfoliating the skin allows to eliminate bacteria and excess oil from the skin. This thorough cleansing makes sure that wax sticks properly to the hair instead of your skin. Thus, hair removal becomes much easy with less pain.

Focus waxing on necessary body areas

Male genitals, irritated skin, pimple, nipples, within ears and nose, cuts and wounds, etc. are areas which shout ‘NO Waxing’

Go small

Choosing small sections can be time consuming, but less painful because a smaller amount hair gets removed every time.

Hold skin taut

While you pull strip back, hold skin taut. Pull it quickly, but make sure your hands are parallel and close to the skin. It helps to lessen discomfort and avoid bruising.

Avoid muscle clenching

It can worsen the pain, and thus, stay relaxed as much as possible.

Pick time carefully

Waxing needs to be avoided during and just before your monthly cycle. At this time, your body is much sensitive, because of hormonal changes. This can affect your treatment making it more excruciating.

Avoid acidic foods

Acidity escalates skin sensitivity, so stay away from acidic beverages and eatable, especially prior wax treatment schedule.

Is medication helpful?

Many people think that popping a pain killer is much easy than applying numbing cream to can make this process painless, but it is strongly not advised. Use of pain meds for waxing is a debatable topic, which is best avoided. Even ice can numb your nerves, but is not helpful.

Actually, ice tightens pores making waxing more painful, but applying it after the process can be very helpful. Can toners and astringents soothe the pain? Use of toners and astringents prior the treatment will act like ice. It will tighten the pores and hair follicle holds hair much firmly, which increases pain while waxing.


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