Manufacturers of Beads in the Czech Republic

Bead making is an art which has been practiced for a long time. For as long as men appreciate fashion and dressing from the very early stage of human development, bead making has also been for a very long time. Bead making or production is associated with different parts of the world as a result of the materials used in its production. Bead manufacturers need some materials for its production, some of these materials are Glass, crystals and other materials, these materials are very important in the bead making process. An important natural resource in the production of glass is quartz. Also, an end product of wood that is used to heat the glass, these materials were readily available in the Czech Republic and bead manufacturers made optimal use of these materials.

At first, bead manufacturers in the Czech Republic produced beads used as Rosaries for religious practice. But as interest increased in fashion and pieces of jewellery all over the world, bead manufacturers now produce them for Fashion purposes. Which means that they have improved on the aesthetic qualities of those beads. A very popular bead manufacturing company in the Czech Republic is the Matura beads company, it is located at the heart bead production and manufacturing in the Czech Republic. The art of bead making in that region was the reason why Matubo beads were founded.

Matubo bead company is as old as the art of bead making in the Czech Republic, the company evolved with the practice and has actually gotten a brand for itself. It is well known for its excellent bead products. Matubo bead company is known for its popular trademark Matubo. It produces a lot of bead products but most of them are connected to Matubo and they assume the name Matubo. They produce other products like Rulla, Superunos, and Superduos.

Matubo beads have produced a lot of top notch beads. The quality of the beads is associated with the fact that manufacturers in the Czech Republic use quality glass product like the Preciosa Ornella glass and also quality manufacturing process at beads has increased their loyal fan base. Matubo beads are known for their unique and attractive qualities. The Matura family inherited the automatic glass bead pressing which was an advancement in glass bead making in the Czech Republic, this machine catalyzed the development of Matubo products. As the use of this machine increases and as improvement was made on this machine, the quality of Matubo beads also increased and also made an improvement in their products, as technological advancement increase, Matubo also added more to their products. Bead manufacturing techniques and procedures in Matubo has evolved greatly, and this has contributed a lot to the quality of their products.

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