Don’t lose your cool with celebrity-inspired summer outfits

As the summer is arriving round the corner, you have to take some dresses out which you can comfortably wear it out in the heat. Not just comfortable outfits but outfits that make you look drop dead gorgeous without an inch of the discomfort because of the scorching sun that waits outside. But Fashion is more about the comfort plus the style. One who can pull both of which together shines.

A summer outfit need not always has to be simple, even if you have simple and the basic ones make it look extraordinary and extremely stylish by pairing every piece with the right piece. Whether it is office-wear clothes or evening walks to the coffee shop clothes or nights at the club clothes, we have chucked everything out in Celebrity-style.

These are basic yet elegant outfit pairing ways which the Celebrities have pulled off in style plus comfort so, kindly have a look (read): –  

A Textured top with checked trousers: Work life isn’t always monotonous or dull; it depends on your capability and mood to give it a playful spin. Wear a creamy or whitish textured top along with black checked trousers to your work this summer. By this, you don’t either violate the professional ethics and you stay comfortable too. Just like Chrissy Teigen lead the professional-playful look.

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Skater Dress with an Embellished Jacket: Summer isn’t all about the dull appearances, take inspiration from Jennifer Lawrence and carry your beautiful skater dress like a pro. You can wear an embellished jacket on top of it to add much sophistication to the look.

Basic Tank Top and Casual Trousers: Are you planning to travel this summer season or is the work life that is demanding you to take flights? Well, we have brought Alessandra Ambrosio’s look which suits your situation just like that. Wear a basic V layering tank top, pairing it with the comfy trouser of yours and loafers. This outfit is going to get along with the bags you carry to the airport.

A Slip dress and a Blazer: Summer Nights demand glamorous outfits which are airy, breathable and not to forget sexy. Wear a mini slip dress with a shining texture and add a blazer that goes with the dress along with the right pair of heels. Don’t forget to carry a golden glowing clutch or a shimmering grey one to make for the glam outing that waits.

Rompers and sneakers: Rompers are favourite outfits for summer, and taking it celebrity style we have stalked how Kendall Jenner made it so much sophisticated by wearing Linen Romper with sneakers. Rompers are no more just for casual outings; you can wear them during daytime to attend elegant functions or formal gatherings too.   

Crop Top and High Waist Pants: If its summer month, it is about crop tops. Show off the abs that you have managed to develop after shedding loads of sweat in the gym by wearing a cute or elegant crop top. Pair it up with comfy pants that are a high waist. This outfit won’t just make you look cool, but you will feel the cool too.

Loose Fitting Clothes: Loose fitting clothes to feel cool and comfortable has been a stylish trend ever since Gigi Hadid was spotted wearing the same. Wear a full sleeves top along with flare pants that always appear to be the loose fit this summer to give oneself an easy-breezy look. Buy the flare pants during promotional sales if it’s too expensive for you.  

Oversized Sporty Tee and Shorts: Sporty tees are so fashionable especially after Vanessa Hudgens was spotted wearing an Adidas Oversized Tee along with orange colour shorts, quite a match! You can match this look for the weekend this summer; don’t forget to wear your cool shades. By the way, you can fix your hair in a bun or keep it tied in a loose pony. You can purchase the Adidas tee at a low price because of the discounts at voucherbucket.  

Maxi Skirt and Off the shoulder top: How can we forget how trendy Off Shoulder tops are? This makes for a hot look where you can wear an off-shoulder top pairing it with a maxi skirt. Guess whom we spotted pulling this crisp look? None other than Lily Aldridge. Walk into to your nearest bookshop or shopping complex with this look to make some heads turn. You can also pair it with a front slit palazzo to get some extra points this season.  

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