A Beginner’s Guide to Dab

A new trend in consuming cannabis is taking the marijuana community by storm. It is called dab, and some marijuana users are actually choosing this way over traditional vaporizing and smoking methods. Here we’ll explain everything a beginner should know when it comes to the world of dab.

What is Dabbing?

Dabbing is a way to consume marijuana concentrate. Many people enjoy dabbing because it gives them a concentrated dose of the active ingredients in THC in a small package. For example, a dab can contain anywhere from 70-90% THC in a single dose. Dabs come in a variety of forms, including shatter, butane hash oil, wax, crumble, and budder.

How Are Dabs Made?

Depending on the type and concentration of dab you are looking for, there are a couple of different processes to make it. To make hash, producers use the cold water extraction with bubble bags. There is also the rosin method, requiring a lot of heat and pressure. The most common method is known as the butane extraction, which is when a person soaks or presses butane through the marijuana. As a result, all the THC is pulled from the material, alongside naturally occuring fat and lipids, known as wax.

What Equipment Do You Need to Enjoy Dab at Home?

Because dabbing requires a lot of different equipment, many marijuana enthusiasts tend to shy away from it. However, once broken down, the pieces you need aren’t that complicated.

Dab Rig: This piece is the most important when it comes to dabbing. It is a modified water pipe that holds a nail, and once the nail is heated up, the rig provides a vapor. A dab rig serves the same purpose as a connector on a typical glass bowl that comes with a bong or a bubbler. Generally speaking, the smaller the rig, the less water you use and the stronger the hit.

Nail: These domeless titanium or quartz nails are placed into the rig, which is heated to create warm up the dab. Mixed with the vapor, it is what comprises a hit.

Carb cap dabber: This is just the instrument used to put your dab concentrate on the surface of the hot nail. What type of dabber you use is dependent on the type of concentrate you like, crumbly, soft, dry, or dense.

Dab torch:  A dab torch is what you use to heat up your nail. You can get whatever size you feel the most comfortable with, however you do need one that is strong enough to produce a red-hot flame.

Dab Safety

Alongside any other kind of marijuana consumption, there are certain safety protocols to follow when dabbing.

  • Start small. Dabs are meant to be used in a small quantity, so start off small until you know your tolerance.
  • Practice proper fire safety when using the dab torch, including removing any flammable materials from around the rig, and when at all possible, do not use the torch’s auto-locking feature.
  • Try a lower temperature first. You don’t want to start too hot if you are not used to this process.
  • Cut out percolators and diffusers. Since dab is enjoyed for its high THC concentration, there isn’t a huge need for these and can feel too bulky.
  • Use a long dabber so you won’t come into contact with the nail. Like we mentioned, the nail is exceptionally hot and if you are a beginner you may need a bit of experience to feel comfortable being so close.

We hope this guide was helpful for dab beginners. Feel free to safely participate with dabbing and have fun enjoying this new way of consuming cannabis!

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